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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Welcome Home, Renee

There are teachers that walk among us.  If we are very lucky, we will run into at least one in our lifetime.  Renee was one such teacher, a lady so gentle and unassuming, so wise and full of love, she wasn't even aware of her considerable gifts. 

Renee died yesterday.  She was surrounded by a family who cherished her.  And she will be forever remembered by a community of friends who grew to love her over the too few years she wrote and gathered us around.

She had IBC, a rare form of breast cancer, but she was an amazing fighter and determined to educate anyone who would listen about this silent stalker.  We watched her fight and learned about cancers and treatments and witnessed her joys and anquish as they occured.  Her courage took my breath away.  This was a public dying, an unselfish cautionary tale meant to warn and inform.   But that is not what happened.

This lesson was about living.  Renee could laugh and cry and be furious at the top of her lungs and we were right there beside her.  She introduced us to her loving family, who became our family as well.  She shared her friends, her fears and irritations and told us hilarious stories about her life.  And we shared ours with her and each other.  Before long, we were a village.  We are now and forevermore, a worldwide family from a planet without borders and our ties are strong. 

Renee said she had to learn to live with birds circling her head.  But those birds were eagles.  And now she flies with them to where stars are born.  She was always golden stardust and now she is home.  Soar free, my dearest friend.  I will hold you in my heart forever.

xoxo right back at you


  1. Thanks for the names of the street chalk artists. Yes I went to Renee’s site and saw that she had passed. I read her blog often but rarely commented because really I never had the right words to comment – never could come up with something appropriate but I did leave a comment now. We get to know people in blog land and they become dear friends – it is hard when they leave. Your post is heartfelt and compassionate; I could not write a better one. I understand and totally feel what you expressed so well.

  2. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. I remember you speaking of her when you were here at Christmas. It seems she was quite an inspiration to you and many others, which will carry on in your writing. Love you,

  3. Vagabonde,

    We do form "real" friendships here. Those who don't blog really can't imagine the genuine connections made in this medium. Her voice will be missed.


    Thanks, honey. I miss her terribly. We corresponded regularly and felt like each were the other's back yard neighbor. Love you, too.


  4. ...I have a little momento to darling Renee over at my place if you'd like to visit...

  5. Christy,

    I loved your tribute to Renee. It's just like her and she would have LOVED it! I'm a fan and a follower.