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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Let Your Little Light Shine Sundays - Street Artists

If you came upon a piece of street art that looked like these, I'll bet a huge smile would light up your face.  You would call over people close by and say, "Wow, you have to see this"!  Then more folks would do the same and before you know it there would be crowd of happy, delighted strangers enjoying this wonderful thing you just happened to find while on the way to something else.

Isn't this a great way to share talent?  Edgar Mueller and Julian Beever have been doing this for quite a while.  One day, I hope to actually see one on the street.

Remember, every one of these images is on a flat surface.

This one is my favorite.  I know the woman is far back on the sidewalk, lying by the art.  And I know a photographer lined up the artist's hand with the art.  But it still messes with my mind.


How about that!  I'll show you another set next week.  I hope this put a smile on your face.   You just never know what you will find when you're out and about.  Maybe a surprise like this!


  1. I have seen a lot of these chalk street arts, mostly in Paris and London, but I have never seen them like this. These are real “trompe l’oeil” as we say in French – I don’t know how it would translate, maybe as optical illusion. Do you know where were they done? Some are really so realistic that you have to look at them very carefully. Love them.

    Sorry I'm shouting! :)
    oooh One day I want see these with my own eyes...AMAZING!!!
    sorry, shouting again...

    By the way,
    your comment on my blog made me to do something special...I'll post about it later this month...
    THANK YOU for the link you left!


  3. Vagabonde,

    If you Google either Edgar Mueller or Julian Beever, you should be able to find out where they may be putting an exhibit next. I will continue with more examples next Sunday.

    I have been reading your wonderful posts and WILL repsond shortly. (We both lost a lovely friend in Renee yesterday.)

  4. BLOGitse,

    Why not shout when something is this much fun.

    You're welcome, I'm looking forward to your surprise. It goes without saying that it will be worth waiting for.