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Monday, March 15, 2010

Let Your Little Light Shine Sundays - Street Artists - Part 2

I have had many delighted emails from all of you after the first part of this post.  This chalk art is amazing and great fun to try to see where the artists blended imagination and reality.  Enjoy this installment and hang on to your chairs.  You wouldn't want to fall over the edges here....


Don't fall, hang on!

I think these last two were taken with a fish eye lens.....I can hardly look!

If anyone sees one on the street, take pictures and share.  Just don't get too close.  You wouldn't want to lose your car.


  1. I love these!
    The painters are amazing!

    Greetings from beautiful Casablanca, Morocco!
    31.3. we finally move there - can't wait!

    Au revoir! Yes, we've started to learn French. They speak Arabic and French. French is easier than Arabic! I know only few words and numbers till 10. Too difficult if not using = practising the language every day...


  2. hello linda! i'll be back to savor all this but for now i just wanted to say hello hello!


  3. I've seen one or two of these pavement artists in action but nothing quite so spectacular as this!

    Thank you for your comments on my last post. If you'd like to send your snail mail address to me at daily.postcard {at} gmail.com I'd love to send one of them to you.

  4. Blogitse,

    I am so looking forward to following your move from Cairo to Cassablanca. What a life!


    You are tan, right? After a week in Aruba, you must be ready for spring. Welcome home.


    OMG! I would LOVE one! What a gift! I've never used so many exclamation points in my life!
    Thank You!