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Monday, February 8, 2010

Tea Baggers

There is a vitriolic hatred speading over the land.  A grotesque sludge that seeps in where intelligent discourse used to live.  It suffocates reason and compromise.  Nothing can be built up or improved upon; this monsterous aberration is good at only one thing, distruction.  It's arrogance is unchecked.   It lives in the darkest hearts and screams down differences of opinion with firey, senseless slogans and waves hate placards in the face of critical thinking. 

This is offensive on so many levels it almost leaves me speechless.  Almost.

Remember political tactics?  This is one of the most basic examples.  Your party is in tatters.  You were booted out of office; the last 8 years were your legacy.  What to do?  Dredge up the deepest fears of the country.  Exaggerate it.  Make it so threatening that to support an elected official who is your opponent spells doom.  And then point a finger at a sitting President and say, "this is all his fault".  Make sure you make it clear that he is not "your" President.  And then work like hell to make sure you torpedo every effort he makes to fix the mess you've made. 

Not everyone is fooled by you.  We recognize the language of those who are incapable of independent thought.  Here's a refresher course from Mark Fiore, who has received death threats after this was published. 

Spout hate till you are blue in the face and the poison drips from your chin.  The more obvious you are, the easier you are to spot....and ignore.  Once I identify you, I'll move on.  You are a waste of my time.

The tragedy here is that most of the Tea Baggers are legitimate protestors with a social conscience.  It is a sad fact of American politics that any nefarious politician (there are plenty around) would see this grass roots movement as a personal bandwagon full of PR soundbytes and race to get in front of it.  No movement of this size can exist without massive funding and the FreedomWorks Foundation is happy to step up to the plate.  These are the very folks the Tea Baggers are protesting.  Really, really big money, orchestrating from the wings.  Forbes, Bradley, Olin, Exxon, Mobile.  Serious, right wing money.  Behind the scenes, protecting their loopholes.

Let me introduce you to Barrack Obama, the President of the United States.  He is the light in the tunnel.  He can be recognized by his most obvious characteristic.

He is the grown up in the room.


  1. Linda, you express my observations (and fears) clearly and without apology. What is happening in our country is heartbreaking. May I have your permission to link your post to my blog? If not, I understand but thank you just the same for speaking up so eloquently.


  2. Hey Lorna!
    Of course you can link! I agree, we all need to rachet down the verbage and listen.