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Saturday, February 20, 2010


I think this is pretty funny.  It just strikes my funny bone the right way to get me giggling.  I know Renee will laugh too.

But courage isn't anything like this, is it?  The big dramatic poses are usually foolhardy and unnecessary.  True courage slips by with a whisper.  It doesn't draw attention to itself. 

Courage is learned in increments.  Little steps along the road, one challenge met building upon another.  Along with other life lessons in kindness, consideration, fairness, humor, industry and responsibility, a moral fiber becomes who you are. 

Courage is easy to recognize.  It's almost always the thing you want to do least of all or that frightens you the most.  The thing you don't think you can face.  You absolutely do not want to do it.

But you do it anyway.

Renee is a woman with so much courage that it would take your breath away.  Her challenges are monumental, yet she rarely speaks of personal suffering in a way that makes anyone uncomfortable.  She is funny, warm, fiesty, loving, insightful and accessible, the one you want to be your next door neighbor.  Gentleness is her trademark.  Courage lies, unassuming, in her smiles.

Honor the courage you see.


  1. Thanks for all the kind words. My cousin taught me to use a stick to push the chickens off their nest so I could pick up the eggs. I think chickens had nasty temperaments when I was a kid. My chickens are nice.

    Strange, but I don't remember the chicken plucking smell, but I remember the smell of the fresh milk was like having your nose up against the side of the cow. But, then again I like barn smells. I don't even mind skunk, except when it is close and it burns your nose. Great to meet you too!

  2. hm...I've been waiting for your posts to show in reader or blogger but haven't seen this post!
    Your blog is not the only one. Another blogger posted on Wed but I saw it on Saturday...weird.

    I try to honor the courage when I see...
    Have a great week! :)


  3. Callie,

    I draw the line at skunks!


    I'm trying to convert over to Google Reader to save time too. Wonder how that will go?

    Courage is all around isn't it? Look at you and the ladies in your world.

  4. About reader: it's a good idea to put incoming feeds to the folders.
    My main folder is 'daily blogs'. Then I have 'photo blogs' etc.
    I'm always behind. Now my All items has over 500 feeds to read, to check anyway! oh...

    Courage. That's it!

  5. Blogitse,

    Thanks for the advice. I hadn't given much thought to folders, you are on to something there.