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Monday, February 22, 2010

Bloggers Will Save The World

Home, for us all.

Take a look to the left.  See the globe?  Each Yellow Dot represents someone who has visited my blog.  The larger the dot, the more visits there were.  The red one in Arizona is me.  Hello!!!  If you click on the right bottom of the globe page, beneath the fingers, a close up will appear on the screen.  And if you click "Visitors" on that screen, you can see who visited in the last 24 hours. 

Beneath that is a informational counter.  It shows how the number of visits are broken down.  You can click on the symbols below "since 2009/06/03", the day I began.  If you click on the flags, you can see where that country is in the world.  They are very interactive.  Go on, feel free to play around.

I really mean it when I say that blogging will save the world.  Look at the world map above.  I picked this photo because it is the world as bloggers see it - without borders.  It's the world we want to have, where I can talk to you and you can talk back to me, where we can listen to each other and enjoy one another's company.  I think you are worth knowing.  I want to know what you think and share my world with you. 

We now have the equivalent of Star Trek's universal translator - it's called the internet!  And on Blogger, it can literally translate my language into yours and visa versa.

No longer do we have to listen to biased news broadcasts and idiotic talk show ranters.  No more dishonest politicians coloring our worlds with their version of how the world works.  And no more corporations trying to form our opinions of what the world needs through their political mouthpieces.

This is the place where we truly begin to know one another.  Whether through shared or contrasting opinions, enjoying the same diversion and hobbies, or seeing each other's environments through a camera lens - we get a sense of who else has a stake in this planet. 

We have so many ways to communicate.  The world is no longer a faceless place beyond our artificial borders.  And all borders are artificial.  In one way, they define our "national" pride and sense of belonging.  But, they have been used by governments for their own gains and without our consent, to isolate us from one another. 

To that, we say NO!  Yellow Dots - UNITE!


  1. Blogging is super great way to learn so many things! New countries, people, traditions, cultures etc.
    Unfortunately too many bloggers are only interested of their own voice.
    They are trying to get to the top. They use unpleasant tricks...
    Just today I stopped following couple of blogs because they want to get but not to give.
    Their own voice was too loud for me.
    But they get followers because people think they have part of the fame if they say oh yes and clap their hands.
    I like leaders who play fair and nice game.
    Those who demand this or that from me, off I go.

    How about you? Have you noticed how people love their own voice?


  2. Just to make sure that you got it right:
    I am NOT Egyptian.
    I'm from Finland but now as an expat here in Cairo...
    Somehow I got a feeling you think I'm Egyptian... :)


  3. What a wonderful post, Linda. I think you are so right about how bloggers can save the world. Blogging has changed my life in so many positive ways. I feel that I have friends all over the globe, even though most of them I have never met face-to-face. I have seen the outpouring of financial assistance for a fellow blogger who needed to raise money to buy airline tickets for herself and her children so they could move back to the US and away from her abusive husband. I get goosebumps when I think of all the sweet gifts, words of encouragement and caring support another blogger has received who recently lost her husband to cancer while she is also battling cancer herself. People around the world have reached out to help total strangers like this in their time of need.
    The internet is a very powerful tool and you have hit a homerun with this post.

  4. Blogitse,

    I got it! I started reading your blog at the beginning so knew you were an expat.

    There are so many really wonderful and informative blogs out there that I just go right by those with pretensions.


    And without this nifty device, we would not have met. Hope Arizona is in your travel plans soon!

    I feel very lucky to count as friends people from all over the world as well. They are generous, creative, insightful, warm and always interesting.

  5. Good, I just wanted to be sure.
    Here it's soon 6:20 am and you're going to sleep over there...
    Sleep well, beautiful dreams! :)