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Sunday, January 3, 2010

This Little Light of Mine Sundays

Let My Little Light Shine
The Kingston Trio

Unless someone like you cares a whole
awful lot, nothing is going to get better.
It's not.
Dr. Seuss

The American Southwest is full of images that inspire awe and creativity.  The liquid blue sky, red rocks, gray green cactus, brilliant and brief flowering plants and sunsets that are so intense they seem surreal.  Add to that a healthy and thriving family, a lovely home and the leisure time of retirement to pursue any activity, just for fun.  Really, being just thankful is hardly enough.  In some way, dues still need to be paid.

We all have our favorite causes ( you do, don't you?), but it seems that "causes" have come to mean huge organizations and far flung operations that are faceless, begging for more and more donations.  The need is real.  But, the never ending demand on our emotions and resources is exhausting.   What to do?  How to choose?

It's easy to make a buck.
It's a whole lot tougher to make a difference.
Tom Brokow

This isn't about solicitation or charities.  This is about people.  I was going to say "ordinary" people, but there is nothing ordinary about them.  Nor is there anything ordinary about you.  I'm just sick to death of seeing the evening news filled with negative coverage and sound bites chosen for their shock value.  And so, every Sunday, I will try to run this post and change the "shining people" in them. There are better things in the world.  This is a picture of some of them. 

Greg Mortenson

In 1993, Greg Mortenson climbed Pakistan's K-2, the second highest mountain in the world.  While recovering from that climb, he met a group of children sitting in the dirt, writing with sticks in the sand.  He made them a promise that he would help build them a school.  A humanitarian campaign grew from that one effort.  Today, there are 131 schools in the rural and often volatile areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan promoting education, especially for girls.  You can find much information about Greg and his organizations just by googling his name.  Here is one.

I would love to hear about people that you think are shining.  Drop me a line in the comments section or send an email.  Don't you think it's time for a little good news?

Let Your Little Light Shine


  1. i love this, linda! i keep saying to myself, be the change you want in the world.

    i will look forward to your sunday spotlight. i can think of so many people i know...

    and while i'm on the subject of shining lights, may i take this time to thank you for your unwavering and incredibly generous support of me and my blog this year? you are one kind and good heart sister and it doesn't go unnoticed.


  2. ps this song reminds me of the soundtrack from 'corrina, corrina.' have you heard it? i think you would be dancing to it very easily!


  3. kj, you are the talent we all fly around. The book, Blogland, poetry...what next heart sister?
    I LOVE "Corrina, Corrina". Nobody does those great folk songs these days.