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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Call Noah...


I need a boat.  Maybe a really big boat.  It rained last night in Arizona!!! A big old gully washer.  Since it never does that anymore, I'm not sure how to act.  And I can be easily confused.  Tomorrow, we are expecting an even bigger rain event and that presents a problem.  Here's the thing.  I play Bocce Ball.  We are supposed to be having a tournament this week, but I received this email from the team leader........

"Bring your goulashes, rain is coming!  Better yet, we have decided to postpone this week's
event and start again next week".


So, do I cook more than one of these?  She seems to want a pair.  It's hard to know what to do, isn't  it?  I think I have the answer though since I'd like to hedge my bets if I guess wrong.
I'll wear my galoshes to Bocce Ball carrying my goulashes. Hah!

I wasn't born yesterday you know. 


  1. I got a chuckle out of your post, thanks. Since I'm a long-time vegetarian I didn't even know there was such a thing as Goulash. You learn something everyday. I'm hoping for the rain, it's been a very dry year, even the monsoon went missing.

  2. Can galoshes be used for transporting the goulash ? They might keep it hot, like hot water bottles do for water... ?


  3. HAHAHAHAHA! bocce ball is POSTPONED!

    invite your friends over for goulash and tell them to wear whatever foot-wear they wish, although i must say your examples are very cool looking.


  4. Arizona Skies,
    And it's pretty good too - especially with Hungarian paprika. I've turned off the watering system for a couple weeks, we have had a lot of rain up here.

    OMG! What a great idea! And then I would only need a spoon.

    Rain in Arizona is a newsworthy event, like a blizzard! And bocce ball is impossible on a waterlogged court. They don't have drains, because it rarely rains, so no games. HAH! (You're not the only poet!)