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Monday, January 11, 2010

Stick 'em Up!

You know, all this town needs is more water and
a better class of people.

Yeah, says the Dodge City resident.  People say that
about Hell too.

Wyatt Earp and his Buntline Special, a long handled revolver that could be used with a shoulder stock if necessary.

Wyatt Earp spent time in Dodge City, but he is forever linked with Tombstone, Arizona.  "The town too tough to die" is a former Wild West town that came into being during the silver rush when men followed the path West in search of the their fortunes.  Today it's hanging on by it's fingernails.  LIttle boys and girls no longer grow up thinking about cowboys or have starry eyed dreams of the West.  I doubt if many little people have heard of the OK Corral and the legendary gunfight.  And it is a legend.

Whats wrong with that?  We need heros who have a moral compass that can't be compromised.  A hero needs to stand up to greed and corruption whether in real life or in folklore.  So, Tombstone makes it simple.  There are good guys and bad guys.  You always know which is which.

And in this story, the good guy always wins.

These days, we all have to have a little hero in us to navigate this complicated world.  The bad guys wear white hats and tell us they are fighting to make our life better.  Maybe.  But more often, we find that they are really the bad guys and they are not our friends.  Tombstone has a simple answer for that too.

We could all use a better class of people.


  1. linda, this is adorable and oh so true.

    our heroes are a confused bunch these days. and sometimes worse than that!

    i hope you are having a fine day. it's about dinner time for you, i think, as i write this.


  2. Heros are a good thing. Where have they all gone.


  3. kj,
    It IS dinner time and I'm off to do just that!

    I can think of one. Her name is Renee.