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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Does this look like Show Low to you? Me either. It is the inside of a Chinese restaurant, a very good one. My friend Gerri, seated, was moving from Show Low and it was a tough time for her. Show Low was home for a lot of years. We couldn't let her do that last trip alone, so we rode along and stayed with her a few days. During that time, we ate and played games and laughed so hard our sides hurt. There were late night conversations and early morning coffees in pajamas, lovely drives and family visits.

The drive up through the Salt River Canyon was truly spectacular and the high elevations around Greer felt cool and inviting. Someday soon, I will return and take pictures of all those places which will still be there when I am ready for them. For all it's beauty, it is still just real estate.

The view above is priceless.

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