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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Japan - Tokyo, Part 3

The Samuri's Samuri

Kusunoki Masashige fought for the loyalist cause of Emperor Go-Haigo against the Kamakura shogunate.  Admired for his devotion and unswerving loyalty, he raised an army he believed was doomed to defeat.  After fighting overwhelming forces for many hours of battle, he and the surviving loyalists committed honorable suicide.  This steadfast warrior was revered as the epitome of bravery and courage by the W.W.ll kamikaze pilots who saw themselves as his spiritual heirs, sacrificing their lives for the Emperor.  His statue is placed on the grounds of the Imperial Palace, still protecting an Emperor today.

Emperor Akihito and his family live in the Imperial Palace in the center of Tokyo.  Although the Emperor occupies Japan's Chrysanthemum Throne, it is a constitutional monarchy. 

Emperor Akihito is the great grandson of Emperor Meiji, the most famous Japanese Emperor who began the transition from the feudal shogunate to an Imperial Monarchy.  We will be going to his shrine next.  (Remember that double clicking will give you a screen size image).

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Imperial Palace, Tokyo, April 9, 2010


  1. Oh, Linda!
    I checked all 3 Tokyo posts - great pictures!
    Well done!
    I'm still busy looking for a new place but...one day I have time to say more than this. I think you understand...
    Take care!


  2. you took some really nice shots, linda.

    but where is the food? THE FOOD?

    i know it wasn't your favorite but i have to see for myself!

    welcome welcome back


  3. kj,

    See the previous post, mostly fish and more will be coming up. The Japanese have a wonderful talent for presentation, but it is salty, pickled or bland usually. Combinations for breakfast like softly poached eggs to be put in miso (grain) soup are just not common to the western palette.

    The desserts are not as sweet as they appear and the texture is a tad different.

    It's an acquired taste.

    Now cheeseburgers....oh yeah.


  4. That second photo, after the bridge, is just gorgeous with the cherry blossoms on the right. I've made it my wallpaper, hope you don't mind. I need this kind of picture to cool me off in our HOT Arizona summers. This is the Japan post I've enjoyed the most.

  5. Arizona Skies Creations!

    It got HOT didn't it! And more to come. I've wanted to get down to Tubac, but think that opportunity is gone. Probably too hot to walk around there now.

    Of course you may use the picture. What a nice compliment. More Japan is coming up. It was quite an experience.


  6. Linda, I got the "bright idea" to rent a house in Prescott for the month of August, the month I hate the most in Arizona. Prescott is green and about 10-12 degrees cooler than Tucson and I could bring my two cats with me. But, even the smallest house is about $1700 for one month. Not on my budget! Damn!!!!

    Thanks for the picture, it looks gorgeous on my desktop. If not already there, you should post your photos at Flickr.


  7. Phyllis,

    I hear you. I'll be taking my small RV up to either Sante Fe or Taos - trying to get above 7000 feet. Hope that takes care of the worst of the heat. And I'd like to see Sante Fe in depth too. I also have two cats who go everywhere with me.