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Monday, May 3, 2010

Japan - Tokyo, Part 2

On the floors below the observation deck of Roppongi Tower in the previous post lies a wonderful little modern art gallery that has some very intriguing pieces.  I made sure to allow time for a stroll through the rooms. 

The plaque on the wall described the scene before me, a film of this lady who exudes happiness and tranquility.  As she spoke and laughed, she shooed a chicken or two out of the way or moved a basket or pot so there would be room in the tiny space to gather.  The film played continually and covered a space easily 20' square.

This piece, also a film, was of various sizes of wine glasses being stroked to produce different tones.  All four walls were covered with these moving images, so that the effect was one of actually walking through music.  It was mesmerizing.

My favorite pieces were the shopping bags.  The image on the front of the bag was cut in such a way that the shape and color suggested a tree in different seasons.  The hole in the top results from standing the cut paper tree on the bottom of the bag, yet a tiny piece still connects it to the top.  The one below is late fall.

The following tree, in two views, represents spring.

Shooting through Lucite without generating a glare is so difficult, so this last image of a tree in summer is from the Mori Art Museum brochure to give you better idea.  Can you see where the bag originated?

It's a McDonald's Happy Meal Bag!  How cool is that!!!!

Now for some shopping in the Ginza.  Hold on to your credit cards, there are some incredible stores here.  And high on my list is window shopping, just because the merchandising is so fabulous.  Take a look.

I'm on my way to Mikimoto Pearls.  My thinking was to get just one pearl in a golden oyster for my charm bracelet.  Well, it didn't work out that way.  The first thing I saw was a necklace like this in the window. 

About $378K, U.S.  To die for.  The bottom pearls are as large as acorns.  The next thing I noticed was the reception desk.  Got that?  Reception desk.

As I was taking this in, one of my traveling companions pointed to a black Mercedes limo, with a white gloved chauffeur at the wheel pulling up at the curb.  Immediately, two beautifully dressed sales associates came out to greet the older lady and escorted her into the store.
Listen honey, I felt like Daisy Mae at the White House.  I rethought the pearl charm idea.


This is the most famous intersection in the Ginza, called the Scramble.  Cars stop in all directions and then this happens.  2000 people cross in one mad "scramble" in one 40 second light change.  This picture came from the public domain.  I was sure I'd be trampled to death if I took my eyes off my destination just to snap a photo.

This is Japan's most famous department store and it does have every top designer of clothing, shoes, bags and perfumes represented here.  You could easily dress a woman from head to toe and drop $10K.  Really.  The windows give you a taste of what's inside.


Isn't this a great way to merchandise perfume!
Hold on.  The real fun in below stairs, in the "sub floors".  That's uppity for basement.  And, that's were the food is sold.

I just don't know.  Could be a veggie or a fish.

Sushi doesn't get fresher than this tuna.  That doesn't mean I'm going to eat it.  His head is below.

Fast food, Mitsukoshi style.  Yummy.

This wonderful post card image is of the clock tower on the main intersection of the Ginza.  The lights of the neon signs make it seem like daylight.  It's such a high energy place, well worth the visit.  All you need is money!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time, Linda. Travel is mainly for the soul, seeing new places and learning about different cultures. Enjoyed the pics and notes.

  2. Hey Arizona Skies!

    It was a ball and I would do it all over again if someone came along to handle the baggage. I'll be all month posting pics.
    It got hot here in Arizona while I was gone. I missed it. And a new immigration law. Boy, let me leave town and things happen!