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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Theater Girls - Arizona Broadway Theater

What do you do when you want to see great Theater but don't have anyone to go with?

You start a group called Theater Girls, invite every single person you know, schedule some shows, buy some tickets, arrange some car pools and meet in the front rows.

Here is one of many venues we will visit this season. 
Arizona Broadway Theater

Don't even think about not tapping your feet when you see this high energy classic.  An excellent cast with great singing and dancing talent  provided a rousing performance.

(Photo, Arizona Broadway Theater)
By the time this scene happened, it was hard to stay in my seat.  I wanted to dance!!!  And at the end, we did!  The cast invited the audience to get up and move.  Oh, yeah.  This was great fun.

One of the many accomplishments of this acting company is the uniformly high level of talent.  This extends to the construction of wonderful, movable sets and staging. 

(Photo, Arizona Broadway Theater)
"He Called Me"

From the production of  "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change".  These four actors are constantly in motion, providing a really hilarious look at dating, marriage and aging.  Again, fabulous voices that effortlessly range over all the registers with crystal clear diction make it easy to understand every word. 

These different staging islands allowed for a flexible presentation with minimal changes and transition times.  Tiered table levels provide excellent views of the whole stage from anywhere in the theater.

Speaking of tables, the food is really, really good.  The ABT has a 3000 square foot kitchen and a committed chef.  The dinner choices are tied to the time period of the shows.  How clever is that!

Theater Girls, Pat and Susan, before the show.

Two more Theater Girls, myself and Gerri, looking over the children's program for grand kids.

Give Arizona Broadway Theater a call.
Box Office 623-776-8400
Peoria, Az.

Named "Best Playhouse" 2010
Phoenix Magazine

See you in the front row!


  1. I love theater!
    You never know,
    one day we might meet in the front row! :)

  2. look how cute you are, linda! that smile made me smile!

    i love the theatre. my niece is now a card carrying actress in seattle and i was the star of my high school senior play.

    does that make me a star twice removed?

    hee hee