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Saturday, October 10, 2009


I'm not a prude, lets get that straight right up front. But, on my first trip to Las Vegas last week, I saw more "t and a" than Hugh Hefner on a busy day. Sure, sex is what the city is all about, that and money. But, when the ceiling starts dripping breasts, enough is enough. When I had to duck to avoid running into them, I knew I had to even the score.

Lest you think I exaggerate, here is the lady in
question. Pretty gal, probably more modest than
she is allowed to be here. Obviously, this is
Cleopatra and I'm sure Anthony appreciated her attributes, but I'm guessing it took more than a nice set to hold an empire together.

And, if she used feminine wiles to win her man and protect her throne...well, a gals got to do what a gals got to do.

The boys from the Big Apple look pretty good from afar, very afar. Trouble is, they are pretty much above it all.

Not much chance to get acquainted when you are keeping time for the city.

And whats with that hook on a staff thing anyway? Kinky stuff.

Aww........he looks kinda shy doesn't he? Not ready to show off yet.

Just hiding behind a tree, peering at the world. Not exactly an eye catcher, but maybe he will grow into it.

Of course, we don't have time to wait around for that. I'll check on him next year.

Oh....I know, I know! Don't tell me.

ATLAS! Didn't know they were twins. But three could be fun.

Wonder who holds up the world when they want to take a break? Looks like a really heavy job.

I'm not sure they could lighten up and just enjoy a drink. Maybe a show. Nah.

Wait a minute! Is this guy Atlas or an
impersonator? Vegas is full of those
people - what you see is what you
get, sort of.

He is not holding up the world, more like a big boulder. There is that curly hair. Maybe Sampson?

He looks pretty buff, but he is, you know, blue! Not sure I could get interested in a blue guy.

And, he looks busy.


This is a possibility. Look at those muscles. And that hair. Very nice.

Wait a minute. Whats that stuff on his thighs? Little pieces of ..........
pigeon poop!!!!

Well, yuck. This guy needs a shower.


Nice body, but not too muscled. The hair and beard could use some shaping.

He brought a blanket. That is very, very thoughtful.

But, the, a, credentials are a bit weak.

Nope, I want a refund.

Las Vegas is a lot to take in over just a few days. And a few days is all you can take at a time. It is an intense "in your face" city. There is no subtlety here. It is after your money. With my luck, casinos ought to have drive through windows so that I can just get it over with. Thats OK. I won't lose more than I consider the price of a nights entertainment. I have more to say about my trip, so stay tuned. I'm not crazy about the place.

But then, I'm not a gambler either.

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