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Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Tale of Two Bags (....purses, not women!)

We drove to Algodones, Mexico again, this time for eyeglasses.  We were lucky.  The right frames practically jumped out at us and even better, they could have the lenses in about three hours.  That meant we only needed to spend a day over the border and could do a fast turn around and be home before lunch the next day.

Having finished with the important business, we turned our attention to finding a purse for Susan.  She has had one bag for over five years.  Just the one.  A little black bag, worn and tired, needing replacement badly. 

But first, we could use a Margarita.

Oh yeah, there they are!  They come with diving boards.

On the way to dinner, Susan spots a handbag and wants a closer look.  Before she can get her hands on it, the peddler yells "Original POLO, only $120 U.S."  Well, it would have to be plated in gold before Susan was going to pay that price, but she sticks around for a few minutes shaking her head, looking unconvinced. The price dropped to $90, then $60.  Actually, at this point, Susan just wanted to leave to get something to eat and headed out the door. 
"For you $27.50 U.S! 
Sold!"  Now we can eat.
It wasn't a Polo, more like POGO, and it's not leather either, as advertised.  Unless there are mutant vinyl pigs rooting around Mexico.

Yep, looks like a Margarita to me.  Lots of salt.
We are discussing the purchases of the day, glad we found the glasses so quickly, and the handbag which seems to be staying in the shopping bag.  It is not being taken out and proudly examined.  Hmmmm?
What's up with that?

I pour my Corona and wonder why I'm not seeing the bag.  She is having trouble committing to it - a new bag phobia.  So, I'll just let it go for now.  Besides, the food is coming.

By the way, I'm not drinking and driving - I'm drinking and walking
back over the border.  No law against that.  I just won't breathe on the Border Patrol.
So, it's been a couple weeks and we still haven't seen the bag.  There is a dinner planned and I ask Susan to bring her bag.  She did.  She didn't actually use the bag, just brought it along.  Well, this required some discussion. 

Gwen (first on left) has more shoes and bags than anyone on the planet and just thinks this in a non issue.
Sandy (second from left) thinks we are all hysterical.
Pat (first on right) who buys bags four at a time, says, and I quote, "Listen, chick.  The bag needs to go - now."
Rita (second from right) is convinced that Susan should just hold the bag now and again to bond with it.  Move into it slowly.
And I (green top) think she has an unnatural attachment to the thing and possibly commitment issues.
Susan is standing her ground.
Of course, this is the night we all think there is a big weird, decorated egg in the wine cellar behind us and are wondering why.  When we get up, we see it is actually a Super Bowl football.  None of us see worth a damn.  So maybe the bag issue is redundant.
Even later and time to see "Straight, No Chaser".  More on that in the next post.  But, get ready!  The bag is making it's debut!
I immediately remark on it's good looks and am very complimentary.
Susan stands her ground.
She fiddles with it.  Snaps it open and shut and starts unzipping things and looking through pockets.  It won't hold her water bottle.  And the sunglasses case is too wide to fit properly. To use the built in organizer in front, the flap has to be snapped.  That's not easy.
Things begin to bulge.

We circle the wagons in support.  THE BAG support group.  We can get her through this separation anxiety.  But wait!  Look at the handle, she says.  Its worn after just a few hours use.  Susan instantly pronounces it crap.

And it is!  It has all the durability of cellophane.

At breakfast the next morning, a triumphant Susan holds "Barbara", the five year old purse she will never give up.  Something that cherished had to have a name, Barbara is as good as any other.

Inside Barbara is the black coin purse from the bag. 
Barbara ate the bag!!!

Susan thinks Barbara looks better with money fanned out.
I think Barbara looks smug.

Susan is just showing off.


  1. Hi Linda! Long time no see...Looks you're fine!
    Now I know I have a Barbara too.
    I have several cotton bags, several leather ones etc. but I keep most of the stuff in Barbara and put that in an out.

    Susan has a few cards! We seem to have the same problem all over the globe, too many cards. Why not to have only one and the company could share with different firms. Why do we have to carry a million cards?

  2. Linda, hi! I'm a friend of KJ's and that's how I discovered your blog. I have to say this is one of the best posts I have read in a while. You captured the "Tale of Two Bags" perfectly...with your words and photos! I thoroughly enjoyed this! Well done!

    ♥ Robin from San Francisco ♥

  3. Sheila,

    You too!? Susan will never get another bag at at this rate. Guess you have turned on the heat by now. Arizona is out of the triple digits, but I don't need heat yet.


    You are not helfing the cause here! :>)
    I agree about the cards. I have tons of them too and not bank cards. Supermarkets, pet stores, discount warehouses - all want a card for you to get money off. Casablanca does that too?


    Welcome! And thank you. Kj is a hard act to follow isn't she? San Francisco is my favorite city - my son is there shooting wedding a lot.
    Golden Gate Park museums and Pacific cuisine are to die for.